ServiceMaster Restore 101: What Do We Actually Do?

When I meet people, they ask me what I do. When I say I work for ServiceMaster Restore, they ask me what ServiceMaster Restore does. When I say disaster restoration, I often get some blank stares. When it comes down to it, we fix problems in your house that are too big or complicated to […]

Tips to Winter Proof your Home

The temperatures are dropping with the fall leaves, and winter is inevitably approaching. While there are many things to look forward to – hot chocolate, snowball fights, and Christmas music – harsh weather on a house that is not prepared can quickly put a damper on things. Here are a couple of tips for winter-proofing […]

A Few Points on Ethics

Part of my job at ServiceMaster is to teach continuing education classes for insurance agents. I will admit that public speaking used to terrify me, but now I am learning to like it. It’s true most of the time that facing a fear will help to conquer it, and in the process, we grow as […]

The 411 on Water Mitigation

A large part of my job at ServiceMaster is to communicate what we do as a company. It was all pretty confusing at first, but over the past year or so, as I have come to understand our company and industry more, I’ve become better at it. In a nutshell, we provide disaster restoration services […]

The Business of Relationships

There comes a point in the life of a person or a business when the realization of the importance of relationships hits home. The goal of a business is to be profitable, but sometimes, profit happens naturally when we are doing the right thing. When a business is relationship focused, it becomes less about the […]

Hard Water Stains v.s. the World

At my old apartment in California, I would park on the street and the curbside sprinkler system would faithfully water the grass – and give my car a generous sprinkle while they were at it. My windshield and the entire right side of my car bore the marks of hard water minerals, and no matter […]

How a Golf Ball Comes Full Circle

It’s a beautiful thing when a person can take the things they are passionate about and help others with them.   Lyndon Rains loved the game of golf for a number of reasons – the self-discipline it inspires, the focus it requires, and the chivalry and integrity it champions. He also believed in the principles […]